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Check Valve

You’ll find the selection of check valves to be unequalled at Lexair in Lexington, Kentucky. Since 1977, we have continually expanded our product offerings to include our vast selection of valves and we continue to design and manufacture new or modified items to meet the special requirements of our customers. No other manufacturer can compare to Lexair. Check out our entire product line or call us at (859) 255-5001 for more information.

Lexair is a manufacturer of high quality in-line check valves suitable for all applications. Lexair, a privately held, American owned corporation has all facets of our business contained under one roof on Mercer Road in Lexington, Kentucky. We offer excellent customer service, product engineering, component machining, and manufacturing in our modern state-of-the-art facility.

Check valves are 2-way valves with an inlet and an outlet port. Since check valves only allow media flow in one direction, they are commonly referred to as “one-way valves” or “non-return valves”. Check valves rely on a pressure differential to operate. They require a higher pressure on the inlet side of the valve than the outlet side to open the valve. When the pressure is higher on the outlet side, the valve will close. Unlike other valves, check valves do not require a handle, lever, actuator, or solenoid to work. The mechanics of check valve operation are simple and work automatically to stop the fluid from flowing in the wrong direction.

There are various types of check valves including spring and ball, swing gate, disc, and poppet style. Lexair check valves are the most versatile using a guided poppet design. Other types of check valves have many design and mounting limitations with most requiring a horizontal mounting orientation. Lexair check valves have no mounting limitation. Lexair check valves are made from the same robust castings and rugged internal parts as our Poppet Valves and allow working pressures up to 500 PSI for gases or liquids, higher pressures are available, please consult the factory.

Key features of the Lexair check valves include:

  • Rugged design allows high pressure operation to 500+ PSI
  • Bubble tight, no leak design
  • Easy In-Line repair. There is no need to remove the body from the plumbing which drastically reduces down time
  • Guided poppet design allows mounting in any orientation

All Lexair check valves are “Made in the USA.” Each of the check valves in our diverse range is of the highest quality, with leak-free sealing and long-lasting durability and all are guaranteed to keep your equipment running.

Check valves are controlled based on a system’s flow velocity. Once the system reaches the cracking pressure or the minimum upstream pressure needed for the valve to operate, the poppet will lift and allow the fluid to pass through. If the fluid pressure decreases or if the flow direction starts to reverse, the poppet will automatically close. This helps to prevent backflow.

Check valves are used to allow flow through a pipe or tube in one direction and prevent flow (check) from returning in the opposite direction. An important role of a check valve is to act as the automatic shut off valve when a pump stops to prevent reverse draining of the system.