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Features And Benefits Brochure ( 4 individual pages) PDF Format
Features And Benefits Brochure ("2 page format" can be printed on two 11 x 17 pages to yield a full size 4 page brochure or on two 8-1/2 x 11 pages to yield a 4-1/2 x 5-1/2 4 page brochure) PDF Format
LX-45-A Tube-O-Matic® Valve Catalog PDF Format
LX-325 Hi-Cyclic® Valve Catalog PDF Format
LX-530 Mini 1 Valve Catalog PDF Format
LX-550-B Poppet Valve Catalog PDF Format

Additional Product Information

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Inside view of a normally open 2-way Poppet valve PDF Format
Inside view of a normally closed 2-way Poppet valve PDF Format
Inside view of a 3-way Poppet valve PDF Format
Inside view / how it works - Tube-O-Matic® valve PDF Format
Inside view of a Mini 1 valve PDF Format
Inside view of Hi-Cyclic® valves PDF Format

Applications, Bulletins and Success Stories

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  New Product Bulletin DIN Solenoid Valves PDF Format
  New Product - Poppet Valves with Integrated DIN Solenoids PDF Format
  Lexair Customer Service Department Changes November 2011 PDF Format
  Addition to the Lexair Customer Service Department PDF Format
  Real Life Application for Poppet Valves PDF Format
  Tube-O-Matic® Valve Product Spotlight PDF Format
  Opportunities in Ethanol-Gasoline Blending and Biodiesel Production PDF Format
  Additional Info and Features for our Website PDF Format
  New PowerPoint® Presentations on website PDF Format
  Product Application Information PDF Format
  Updated Website Announcement PDF Format


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Lexair, Inc. Corporate / Fluid Power Products Overview
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Lexair, Inc. Corporate / Fluid Power Products Overview
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