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Standard Solenoid ANSI Symbol

Explosion Proof Solenoid ANSI Symbol

Body Extruded 6063 or cast 355-t6 Aluminum
Center Core Nickel Plated Brass or Aluminum standard, see Options Page for more options.
End Caps Bronze with Nickel Plated wetted surfaces standard, see Options Page for more options.
Tube Buna-N standard, see Options Page for more options.
Temperature Range 0° F to +180° F with standard solenoid, 0° F to +104° F with explosion-proof solenoid
Pressure Rating 150 PSI
Note: Minimum pilot-to-media ratio is 1:1. For maximum tube life, the pilot-to-media pressure differential should not exceed 20 PSI. For line pressures below 50 PSI, pilot pressure must be line pressure plus 15 PSI.
Solenoid See Solenoid Selection table below (for more information, see pages on Solenoid Operators)


Note: When using our standard solenoid for the pilot valve, the tube can be plumbed normally open or "normally held closed." For a normally open function of the tube, plumb solenoid supply pressure into the port marked "NC" on the solenoid body. For a tube function that is held normally closed, plumb supply pressure into the port marked "NO" on the solenoid body. The only function of the tube available when using the explosion-proof operator is normally open. The explosion-proof solenoid model can only be plumbed normally closed.

Model Numbers

NPT Port Size
Cv Flow Weight (pounds) Model Number
1/4 4.0 4.5 310404
3/8 4.3 4.5 310406
1/2 4.6 4.5 310408
3/4 14.0 5.8 310412
1 15.0 5.8 310416
1 1/4 34.0 15 310420
1 1/2 36.0 15 310424
2 65.0 27.5 310432
2 1/2 75.0 27.5 310440

Solenoid Selectors

Voltage Selector
120V/60Hz -1
240V/60Hz -2
480V/60Hz -3
6V DC -4
12V DC -5
24V DC -6
24V/60Hz -7

How to Order Example:

This would be a solenoid/pilot operated valve with 3/8" NPT ports, Viton® tube, a 316 stainless steel core, 316 stainless steel end caps, and a 24V DC solenoid.

Note: When ordering, always state:
  1. Model
  2. Material Option Codes for all Desired Options (see the Options Page for available options)
  3. Solenoid Coil Voltage (see solenoid selector chart above)