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ANSI Symbol

For a normally closed function, plumb supply into the "NC" port. For a normally open function, plumb supply into the "NO" port.

For reference to the location of ports "NC", "NO" and "COM", see the drawing on the Technical Information page.

Body Brass Standard
Internal Parts Stainless Steel
Seals Buna-N Standard (Consult factory for optional materials)
Temperature Range 0° F to +180° F
Solenoids Continuous Duty, AC or DC
Maximum Operating Pressure 150 PSI
Orifice Size Inlet: .062 Dia.
Exhaust: .046 Dia.
Flow Capacity Inlet: .095 Cv
Exhaust: .052 Cv
Power Consumption 9.5 watts DC
8.7 watts AC

Model Numbers

Model Number Voltage
03-3031 120V / 60 Hz
03-3032 240V / 60 Hz
03-3033 480V / 60 Hz
03-3034 6V DC
03-3035 12V DC
03-3036 24V DC
03-3037 24V / 60 Hz