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ANSI Symbol

Body, End Caps, Piston Assembly and Base Anodized Aluminum


Piston - Buna-N with Teflon® impregnation

Sliding Shoe - Buna-N

Solenoid Information

24 VDC ( +/- 10% ) operation equipped with easily replaceable diodes for proper door function
Temperature Range -40° F to +200° F
Pressure Rating

Maximum inlet pressure 150 PSI

Port Size 3/4" NPT
Flow Capacity 6.2 Cv

Model Numbers

This valve series features a base part number of "4415" which is followed by a three digit suffix. There are many different models that have been produced for various OEM's and customers per their requests. For example, a typical part number would be something like 4415-601 or 4415-611 which are similar in construction internally, but have different porting locations and mounting brackets. Please contact the factory for assistance with these products.

If you want to order the valve with the patented "integral safety check" higher opening pressure feature, simply ad an "HP" suffix to the part number i.e. part number 4415-611 becomes 4415-611HP with the "safety check" feature.