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Option Application Temperature Range Option Code
Buna-N A soft, synthetic rubber for service in petroleum oils, air, water, mild acids, alcohol, acetylene, kerosene, lime solutions, liquefied petroleum gas and turpentine. -30°F to +250°F Standard
Brad Harrison® Electrical Connector Optional electrical connection for Bronze Star™ series only Depends on seal material. -21
Molybdenum Disulfide Impregnated Buna-N For non-lube air service – dynamic seal only. Buna-N furnished for all static seals. -30°F to +250°F -25
Viton® A high temperature soft synthetic material used for many fluids not compatible with Buna-N or when higher temperature operation is desired. 0°F to +400°F -26
Stainless Steel Hardware For use in corrosive external environments. Depends on seal material. -27
Poppet Seal and Dynamic Seals Teflon®- Balance of Seals Viton® High temperature gases and fluids, phosphate esters and glycol oils. 0°F to +400°F -28
Ethylene Propylene (EPR) Excellent for use with phosphate ester type fluids. Not compatible with petroleum based lubricants and hydraulic oils. -70°F to +250°F -29
Vacuum Service Inverted stem seal - used when vacuum is main media in normally closed valves only. This suffix is not required for N/O valves used in vacuum service. Depends on seal material. -31
Teflon® Poppet Seal and Stem Seal - Ethylene Propylene (EPR) Seal on Poppet Guide - Viton® U-cup on Pilot Piston Steam service with high temperature water. Note: 100 PSI or less. Consult factory before ordering any valves for steam service. 0°F to +250°F -32
Brass Pilot Cap with Brass Pilot Piston (cap will be nickel plated on all models except high ratio N/C 1-1/2" and 2" valves which use a separate cap and tube neither of which gets plated) Required when using water or other corrosive pilot media and/or with corrosive external environments. Depends on seal material. -B
Pilot U-cup Expander Ring Required when using liquids for pilot signal (oil, water, etc.) Depends on seal material. -H