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Bronze Star™
Direct Solenoid Operated
Normally Closed
Water or Oil


Employing the latest pulse width modulated solenoid electronics, holding current is minimized while providing a much wider input voltage range. The direct solenoid design is ideal for use in water or oil service applications where pilot-assisted valves will not operate.

Low maintenance and high reliability are hallmarks of the Bronze Star™ line due to the elimination of any small pilot orifices that can clog during operation. In addition, pulse width modulation electronic technology permits a very low solenoid holding current. This minimizes heat and power consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs and virtually trouble-free operation for millions of cycles. Standard operating pressures are from 125 PSI to 250 PSI.



Applications include:

  • Car wash equipment
  • Commercial laundry equipment
  • Industrial liquid controls
  • Water/waste water treatment - filtration flow, pollution control equipment, etc.
  • Utility facilities for liquid controls
  • Induction heating equipment - controlling quench or cooling water
  • Resistance welding equipment - controlling cooling water flow
  • Machine tool coolant flow regulation
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Injection molding machine cooling water controls
  • Cooling or refrigeration heat exchanger controls
  • Textile industry - flow on bleaching, dyeing and drying equipment
  • Foundry equipment
  • Test equipment requiring a fast acting or high pressure, bubble tight valve with liquids
  • Any application where a direct acting solenoid valve is needed for water or oil service