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Direct Pilot Operated
Normally Closed
Air, Oil or Water



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ANSI Symbol

Body Cast Bronze (ASTM B-61)
Pilot Cap Anodized Aluminum
Internal Parts Brass and Stainless Steel
Seals** Buna-N Standard (Optional Seals Available)
Temperature Range -30° F to +250° F with Standard Seals
Pressure Rating 0-500 PSI
Higher pressure ratings available, consult factory
Pilot Ratio See model number chart below



**Inlet and exhaust poppets use a Viton® seal which provides better wear characteristics and longer life. The balance of the seals are Buna-N.

Use -H suffix for liquid pilot media (oil, water*, etc.)
* -B suffix must also be used with water or other corrosive pilot media (applies to 333408 model only. Others include the -B materials as standard).

Model Numbers

NPT Pipe Size
Cv Factor Pilot Ratio* Weight (pounds) Model Number
1/2 4.0 10:1 4.0 333408
3/4 6.5 5:1 12.1 333412
1 8.0 5:1 12.1 333416
* Internal Line Pressure vs. Minimum Pilot Pressure

How to Order Example:

This would be a direct pilot operated, normally closed, 3-way valve with 1/2" NPT ports, "-29" seal option for Ethylene Propylene (EPR) seals, and a "-B" pilot option for nickel-plated brass pilot cap and brass pilot piston.

Note: When ordering, always state:
  1. Model
  2. Seal Option Code or Codes
  3. Pilot Option Code or Codes