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Direct Pilot Operated
Normally Open
Air, Oil, Water or Vacuum


Lexair direct pilot operated valves can be used with a variety of media where quick, positive control and long service life are required. Featuring a standard operating pressure of 500 PSI, these durable, high flow units are perfect for any of your high pressure application requirements. With optional seals, they require no lubrication, making them ideal for non-lube air service.

Our valves feature a large resilient poppet that provides bubble-tight closure, even under low pressure conditions. Internal components made from bronze, brass and stainless steel plus a wide choice of seal materials assure excellent compatibility with a broad range of media. These valves are available with a variety of pilot-to-line-pressure ratios.

The pilot cap is easily removed for quick access to the valve's one-piece poppet assembly. O-ring on poppet and U-cup pilot piston seal prevent controlled and pilot media from mixing, permitting use of different media for pilot/control. All sizes incorporate a single, direct operated poppet design. Click here for an inside view with additional information/ features.

Applications include:

  • Car wash equipment - low or high pressure water and chemical control
  • Commercial laundry equipment
  • Air compressors and controls
  • Industrial air dryers and controls
  • Industrial liquid or air controls - excellent for applications with aggressive fluids and gases
  • Water/waste water treatment - filtration flow, pollution control equipment, etc.
  • Utility facilities - for controlling the flow of liquids, gases, etc.
  • Induction heating equipment - controlling quench or cooling water flow
  • Resistance welding equipment - controlling cooling water flow
  • Mining and construction equipment (dust suppression)
  • Machine tool coolant flow regulation
  • Coolant flow on buses, ships, construction equipment and other on/off highway vehicles and machinery
  • Paper and pulp processing
  • Injection molding machine cooling water controls
  • Cooling or refrigeration heat exchanger controls
  • Textile industry - flow on bleaching, dyeing and drying equipment
  • Foundry equipment for high flow air, water or other liquids for cooling and processing
  • Any application requiring a high flow filling or quick exhaust function with liquids or gases
  • Test equipment requiring a fast acting or high pressure, bubble tight valve - includes air, vacuum, liquids, etc.