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Check Valves
Normally Closed
Air, Oil or Water


These high flow check valves can be used with a variety of media. Valves feature a large, resilient poppet that provides soft-seat sealing for bubble tight closure, even under low pressure conditions. Bronze, brass and stainless steel construction plus a choice of seal materials provide excellent compatibility with a wide range of media. Lexair check valves are perfect for applications requiring high pressures (up to 500 PSI standard).

For easy service or repair, removal of hex nut from body gives quick access to valve's poppet assembly without the need to disconnect piping.



Applications include:

  • Car wash equipment
  • Laundry equipment
  • Air compressors and controls
  • Industrial air dryers and controls
  • Water/waste water treatment
  • Utility facilities
  • Any circuit that requires the flow of air, oil or water in only one direction.