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Dimensional Data
All dimensions given are in inches.

Body Dimensions

3 Way 4 Way


Operator Dimensions

Palm Button

Push Pull Knob
Two Position Lever
Rotary Knob
Finger Tip Lever
Foot Pedal

Locking Lever

Our unique locking lever model allows two different valve functions (spring returned or detented) from the same unit by using three handle positions. In the released or "NORMAL" position (lever straight up), the valve spool is in the spring return condition. When the lever is pushed to the left, it is in the "JOG" position and is automatically returned by the spring to the "NORMAL" position when released. When the lever is pulled to the right and down, it will detent into the "LOCKED" position and remain there when released. This valve has many uses when both momentary and continuous operation of controlled equipment is desired.