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The Mini1 valve line features a high flow, compact design. Although the bodies are only 1" thick and 2" wide, they produce a flow capacity of 1.0 Cv. Mini1's feature fast response times due to a short spool travel of only 0.30". Our patented seal-spacer design yields optimum sealing with minimal squeeze which provides consistent, low friction shifting. The spool is made from durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel with a high precision finish for maximum seal life. The balanced spool design provides for true multipurpose capability, allowing the use of dual pressures, vacuum or other non-standard piping of the ports. Self lubricating seals coated with Teflon® based grease allow operation in minimal or even non-lube service. Click here for an inside view with additional information/ features.

The manually operated models feature rugged actuators made from durable cast aluminum, some with plastic knobs or buttons.

Applications include:

  • Actuation of small pneumatic devices, i.e. single or double acting cylinders, rotary actuators, slides, grippers, etc.
  • Allows human interface to pneumatic control systems
  • Pilot signals for other products, i.e. Lexair Poppet or TUBE-O-MATIC® valves
  • Can be plumbed as pressure selector, diverter, used in vacuum applications, etc.