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Body Brass Alloy 360
Seals Buna-N (See options page for other seal options.)
Spool 303 Stainless Steel (See options page for spool functions.)
Port Size See options page for available port sizes.
Temperature Range -20°F to +160°F (With Buna-N seals)
Pressure Rating

Pneumatic service - vacuum through 250 PSI
Hydraulic service - 2000 PSI for 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" models; 3000 PSI for 7/16-20 or 9/16-18 SAE models

NOTE: A Minimum Filtration Rating of 10 Microns is Recommended for Pneumatic or Hydraulic Service

Flow Pneumatic 1/8" and 1/4" up to 1.00 Cv, 3/8" and 1/2" up to 1.13 Cv
Hydraulic up to 16 GPM

Model Numbers

Primary Actuator Secondary Actuator * Function Model Number
Hand Lever None 2 or 3 Position BRL
2 Position Detented BRL-2D
3 Position Detented BRL-3D
Spring 2 Position, Spring Return BRL-2S
3 Position, Spring Center BRL-3S
Pedal Spring 2 Position, Spring Return BRF
Pedal 2 Position BRF-RF
3 Position, Spring Center BRF-RF-3S
Knob None 2 or 3 Position BK
2 Position Detented BK-2D
3 Position Detented BK-3D
Spring 2 Position, Spring Return BK-2S
3 Position, Spring Center BK-3S
Pilot 2 Position BK-P
Panel Mounted Knob None 2 or 3 Position BLI
2 Position Detented BLI-2D
3 Position Detented BLI-3D
Spring 2 Position, Spring Return BLI-2S
3 Position, Spring Center BLI-3S
Pilot 2 Position BLI-P
Palm Button None 2 Position BH
Spring 2 Position, Spring Return BHL
* Two position models without return springs must be mounted with the spool in the horizontal position.

How to Order Example:

This would be a hand lever operated, 4-way, 5-ported, 2-position, spring return valve with 1/4" NPT ports for air service with a Type I spool.

Note: When ordering, always state:
  1. Model
  2. Port Size
  3. Media to be used (air or hydraulic). If special hydraulic fluids are to be used, advise type of fluid or specify your O-ring material.
  4. Spool type desired.