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Body Brass Alloy 360
Spool 303 Stainless (See options page for other spool options).
Seals Buna-N
Port Size 1/4" or 3/8" NPT Subbase
Temperature Range -0°F to +160°F (with Buna-N)
Pressure Rating

20 - 80 PSI for MCR and MCE series
Vacuum to 250 PSI for MCS series (pilot pressure 20 - 80 PSI)

NOTE: A Minimum Filtration Rating of 10 Microns is Recommended

Flow 1/4" 1.00 Cv, 3/8" 1.13 Cv

Model Numbers

NPT Port Size
* Model Number Description
1/4 (see note) MCR-521-1001

Pilot signals receieved from cylinder ports internally.

3/8 MCR-531-1001
1/4 (see note) MCE-521-1001 One pilot signal received from cylinder port internally, one received from an external source.
3/8 MCE-531-1001
1/4 (see note) MCS-521-1001 Both pilot signals received from an external source.
3/8 MCS-531-1001
*Adjusting screw caps which cover magnet detent adjustment screws to discourage tampering by unauthorized personnel are available, simply add a "-P" suffix to the part number.
Ex: MCR-531-1001-P would be 3/8" NPT, MCR series with adjusting screw caps factory installed.
Note: 1/4" models are supplied with exhaust flow controls in the body ( see dimensional drawings) - 3/8 models require the use of flow controls in the subplate exhaust ports - use two Lexair 10-0076 flow controls.
* All models must be mounted with the spool in the horizontal position.
Mounting Base Options
There are two base sizes available to match the valve body size chosen by the valve model number. There are side ported and bottom ported versions available in both body/port sizes.
Base Model Numbers.
NPT Port Size Part Number Description Used With



Bottom Ports






Side Ports



Bottom Ports






Side Ports

How to Order
1. Choose valve model desired from chart above.
2. Choose base model desired from chart above.
3. Indicate on your order if you would like to have the valve and base assembled. Otherwise, we will ship the two items seperately.