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Magna-Cycle® valves are pneumatic 4-way, 2-position directional control models that are air pilot actuated. They contain adjustable permanent magnets in both pilot chambers which detent and hold the spool in one of two positions until building pilot pressure exceeds the holding force of the magnet. The adjustment screws allow any pilot pressure between 20 and 80 PSI to actuate the valve to the opposite position. The magnetic detent action in the pilot chambers allows automatic control actions to be consistently and reliably repeated. Due to the fact that they are pneumatically controlled, they are explosion-proof and may be installed in hazardous locations. Operations that may be performed include: continuous reciprocation of a double acting cylinder, sequential operation of two or more cylinders, adjustable or fixed time delays for cylinder movement, force sensing of cylinder loads, pressure sensing, etc. all with no mechanical or electrical connections. Models available include internal pilot connections, external pilot connections and mixed pilots (one internal, one external). For detailed operating information and circuit examples, see the technical information.

Magna-Cycle® valves are based on the time proven Hi-Cyclic® valve line. They utilize a brass body with a sleeveless spool-to-body design featuring an individually precision matched fit, which provides for nearly frictionless operation.

Applications include:

  • Operations of any sort requiring continuous reciprocation of a cylinder without the use of electrical or mechanical connections, such as to operate a diaphragm pump, shaking of a hopper for compacting or discharging of material, shaking large containers for mixing, etc.
  • Sequential operation or sequencing of cylinders
  • Cylinder force or pressure sensing operations
  • Circuits operating in hostile or hazardous locations where electrical control is impractical or dangerous to use.