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Both styles of the Lexair Prodyne® Fixed Length Collet Chucks set new standards for accuracy and speed. The models that utilize Index style collets have a typical accuracy of .0005 inches TIR and a repeatability .0002 inches. Models for the "C" and "J" series collets possess an accuracy within .001 inches TIR. So with either style, there is no need for concentricity adjustment to get precision results.

The Index style collet models feature a quick and easy quarter turn collar system allowing fast collet changeover and are designed to be used with industry standard B42, B60 and B90 collets. The "C" and "J" series collet models accept 5C, 16C and 3J collets. They are compatible with most CNC lathes, feature a low profile design that helps eliminate tool interference and they are also ideal for sub-spindle applications where Z-axis positioning is required.

The design of either of these Prodyne® units keeps mass to a minimum allowing for faster acceleration and deceleration times which helps maximize your production time. Installation is effortless and employs the machine's standard drawtube plus one of our unique adapter nuts. These nuts are custom designed for your application via information supplied on a Datasheet which must be filled out prior to ordering. Click here for an inside view of the Index style series models and to see how they work.

Lexair can supply precision machined standard collets, master collets and pads, emergency collets, serrated collets plus uniquely shaped collets by special order. In addition, bar stops and parts ejectors are available providing us the ability to be your one stop source for all your machining needs.