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The Lexair Direct Mount Collet Chucks offer a simple and economical way of holding material for turning when using "C" or "J" style collets.

Our small body helps to increase tool clearance and lower the weight of rotating mass. This feature both relieves stress on the spindle bearings and lowers the time needed for acceleration or deceleration which means more time for production of parts. The rigid 360° clamping action allows for increases in spindle RPM's. These units are an excellent choice for clamping small diameter parts, for bar feed applications, and for heavy "roughing" and drilling operations. The "5C" chucks feature a standard threaded nose providing step chuck capability. Installation is effortless and employs the machine's standard drawtube plus one of our unique adapter nuts. These nuts are custom designed for your application via information supplied on a Datasheet which must be filled out prior to ordering.

Lexair can supply precision machined standard collets, master collets and pads, emergency collets, serrated collets plus uniquely shaped collets by special order. In addition, bar stops and parts ejectors are available providing us the ability to be your one stop source for all your machining needs.