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Rhinobar® systems are designed for use with all types of CNC lathes and are ideal for dedicated production jobs. The Rhinobar® operates on the hydrodynamic principle of supporting the bar stock in an oil bath. Oil fills the gap between the bar stock and feed tube and as the bar begins to turn, hydrodynamic forces move it toward center of the feed tube. Centering forces are amplified as bar speed increases. Feed tubes are available in graduated sizes to minimize the bar to feed tube clearance In order to achieve maximum operating speeds.

The system's oil recuperator features a support bushing that helps stabilize the bar stock and eliminate vibration. This support, working in conjunction with a dynamic bearing mounted pusher cone maintains contact with the bar chamfer which allows much higher turning speeds than other bar feed systems. The front swing out mechanism includes a large barrel clamp that helps to further reduce barrel vibration and facilitate quick and easy feed tube changeouts. Ergonomically placed controls and a safety interlock assure safe system operation. Setup time is reduced with our hand-held mobile pendant that lets you take the controls of the Rhinobar® with you. An end-of-bar signal plus an auto pusher retraction feature permit the Rhinobar® system to operate unattended, minimizing your labor costs and maximizing production, allowing the operator to multitask. There are now two models to choose from RB 2.5 with feed tube sizes from 1/4" to 2 1/2" in 1/8" and 1/4" increments ,by 12 feet long. RB 3.0 with feed tube increments from 1/2" to 3.0 in 1/4" increments by 12 feet long. Rhinobar® units are supplied with your choice of 3 feed tubes. Custom feed tube sizes are available to fit any application needs that you may have