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Produced in Germany by for Lexair, the MULTI 3000 feeders are distinguished by their exceptional strength and reliability due to construction with first class components and materials. Ease of operation is assured by a user friendly keyboard featuring twelve input buttons. Setup is easy and quickly accomplished since the unit was designed for fast material reload and change overs. The Multi-3000 was designed to run short bars which means there will be: a reduction of mass in movement, an increase in spindle life time, easier material handling, no bar chamfering required, material guiding in the spindle will allow full lathe performance utilization and there will be a reduction in ambient noise from the process. The electric servo driven magazine permits smooth feeding cycles, optimal automatic control of material feeding and accurate bar positioning without the need for a turret stop. The unit handles round or hexagon bar stock and can easily be modified to handle square stock. Bar lengths from 6 to either 48 or 64 inches (restricted by spindle length) may be used. Round bars from 3/16 - 3-1/8 inches and hex bars ranging from 3/16 through 2-3/4 inches can be used. Consult the factory for square bar lengths and diameters.